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Buzzfeed has inked a first-look TV deal with Universal Television, the studio announced Tuesday. The deal will see the studio produce scripted content based on stories and original reporting ... BuzzFeed’s irresistible stories, lists, and news are seen by millions of people daily. Using its unique storytelling power, BuzzFeed can easily sell products to its highly engaged audience. With Shopify channels, BuzzFeed invites you to share your products with its team of editors and be considered for marketing campaigns. Colombia has recorded some 65,000 Zika cases since October, and a wave of infected pregnant women are now giving birth, with only a few severe birth defect cases reported so far. Dan Vergano About BuzzFeed. If you haven’t read a listicle or watched a video on the viral sensation that is BuzzFeed, then there’s a good chance you will in the near future.The company, bent on providing both news and entertainment, has grown to reach an estimated 200m individual visitors per month and this number just keeps rising. BuzzFeed Regional Director, Americas. 1. Everyone was part of this at some point in their lives... Flickr: michaelkeen. 2. And this too: Flickr: [email protected] 3. Correcting foreigners on how to ... But the ongoing case in Colombia, the three sources told BuzzFeed News, may end up as one of the worst scandals to strike the agency. And in Colombia, the case could end up being a particular embarrassment for the agency. Last year, the DEA publicized a case in which it ran an undercover operation targeting the Colombian anti-corruption ... This is a really bad women's cycling outfit. It's not, as initially suggested, the national team's kit: It's the colours of IDRD-Bogotá Humana-San Mateo-Solgar (who are backed by the Colombian Federation).. As it happens, the picture's virality has brought the issue of female cyclists' wages into the spotlight.

17 Subscription Boxes For Anyone Who’s Interested In Trying International Snacks

2020.06.16 20:25 autobuzzfeedbot 17 Subscription Boxes For Anyone Who’s Interested In Trying International Snacks

  1. Treats picks a different country each month and then fills their boxes with an array of yummy snacks from that country.
  2. Tanoshi Me Box brings you a wonderful assortment of Japanese sweet and salty snacks, drinks, teas, and of course, a product explanation sheet, so you can learn about what you're sampling!
  3. Gusto di Roma sends your tastebuds on a fine Italian culinary journey thanks to their box of gourmet goodies like fruit jam, biscotti, grilled veggies in extra virgin olive oil, and so much more!
  4. MexiCrate delivers mouthwatering Mexican candies and snacks right to your doorstep each month. With their stock of over 150 different sweets and treats, you're bound to find the perfect assortment in each box.
  5. SeoulBox picks a different colorful theme each month that'll make unboxing your mix of Korean snacks, noodles, cooking sauces, candies, and drinks super fun and exciting.
  6. Universal Yums delivers snacks from a different country right to your front door each month, and the countries always change! Past boxes have included the Philippines, Scandinavia, Brazil, France, Spain, and Israel (pictured below) just to name a few!
  7. IndiFix sends you full-sized popular Indian treats including chips, cookies, chocolate, drinks, candy, noodles, and cakes. Plus, all snacks are 100% vegetarian!
  8. Snack Crate allows you to taste new snacks from a different country each month depending on that month's theme. Previous boxes have included Germany, Colombia, and the current box is Canada.
  9. Bokksu gives you the chance to taste a wide array of delicious Japanese snacks and tea pairings, all packaged in a box with a fun cultural theme each month. You'll also get a cultural guide that explains each item's story and flavors!
  10. MunchPak throws together a fabulous sampling of snacks and sweets from various countries all in one box (rather than focusing on one country each month). Perfect for those who simply can't decide on just one region!
  11. World Ramens sends an easy-to-prepare, exciting selection of ramen, and even gives you suggestions on how to serve each one to make it even better! And yes, we're counting ramen as a "snack" here.
  12. The Biscuit Baron delivers a lovely box of biscuits from a different country each month. If you're someone who loves snacking, but especially loves snacking on cookies, this is your dream box calling!
  13. Worldwide Treats is taking a little break from subscriptions to re-stock, but still has past boxes listed on Amazon for you to choose from! It's a great way to order one box without committing to a month-to-month subscription, and if you love it, you can make a note to yourself to subscribe come August!
  14. Crate British brings you a royal assortment of candies and snacks each month from across the pond. Not to be overlooked? The creative punny name of this subscription.
  15. My Balkan Box delivers carefully handpicked candies and snacks from Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia like Smoki peanut-flavored snacks, Bronhi toffee, and Eurocream hazelnut and milk-chocolate spread.
  16. The Russia Box allows you to explore Russian treats and products, all without having to take your pajamas off! You'll receive items like snacks, gourmet goods, and lifestyle items like tea accessories, figurines, and souvenirs.
  17. Cocoa Runners starts off by asking what your chocolate preferences are, and then curates a selection of of chocolates from around the world for you to try.
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2020.06.06 22:40 Laurelais-Hygeine From South Korea To Colombia — These Pictures Show The Black Lives Matter Movement Continues To Spread

From South Korea To Colombia — These Pictures Show The Black Lives Matter Movement Continues To Spread\_source=dynamic&utm\_campaign=bftwbuzzfeed&ref=bftwbuzzfeed&\_\_twitter\_impression=true
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2020.01.01 22:46 missbp2189 WaPo: Gamergate 2014 timetravelled to make "...vicious tactics of online argumentation into the political mainstream." Journolist 2008: "Call them racist ... live in a state of constant fear" washingtonpost / Alyssa Rosenberg / Dec. 26, 2019 / A cliffhanger end to a decade that married politics and culture
Trump was hardly the only person using culture to transform politics. Aggrieved video game fans launched harassment campaigns against a number of female and LGBT game critics and artists, inspired by a conspiratorial memo that dressed up vengeful sentiments about the author’s former partner as concerns about journalistic ethics. Figures such as provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and former Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon saw the controversy as an opportunity to recruit disaffected young men to the alt-right. This so-called GamerGate became a sewer pipeline, dumping the vicious tactics of online argumentation into the political mainstream.
How did Gamergate, which started from 2014, go back in time to 2008 to convince Spencer Ackerman of the Journolist listserv, to "call them racist" and "let the right know that it needs to live in a state of constant fear."? daily caller / Jonathan Strong / 1:15 AM 07/20/2010 / Documents show media plotting to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright
The members began collaborating on their open letter. Jonathan Stein of Mother Jones rejected an early draft, saying, “I’d say too short. In my opinion, it doesn’t go far enough in highlighting the inanity of some of [Gibson’s] and [Stephanopoulos’s] questions. And it doesn’t point out their factual inaccuracies …Our friends at Media Matters probably have tons of experience with this sort of thing, if we want their input.” wsj / James Taranto / 20 jul 2010: 'Call Them Racists' How "journolists" tried to suppress the news.
But Ackerman was not engaging in a public debate; he was privately strategizing about how to suppress the news. And his fellow journolists, while disagreeing with him, did so "only on strategic grounds":
Most damning is a long quote from a Spencer Ackerman, who worked for something called the Washington Independent:
I do not endorse a Popular Front, nor do I think you need to. It's not necessary to jump to Wright-qua-Wright's defense. What is necessary is to raise the cost on the right of going after the left. In other words, find a rightwinger's [sic] and smash it through a plate-glass window. Take a snapshot of the bleeding mess and send it out in a Christmas card to let the right know that it needs to live in a state of constant fear. Obviously I mean this rhetorically.
And I think this threads the needle. If the right forces us all to either defend Wright or tear him down, no matter what we choose, we lose the game they've put upon us. Instead, take one of them--Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares--and call them racists. Ask: why do they have such a deep-seated problem with a black politician who unites the country? What lurks behind those problems? This makes them sputter with rage, which in turn leads to overreaction and self-destruction.
How did Gamergate (2014) influence gamejournopros (2010) to be shills? Oh god someone stole the time machine again! thisisvideogames:
GameJournoPros is a now-defunct private Google Group consisting of 150 writers, bloggers, and editors from various game news sites and media outlets. The mailing list, group members, and various leaked email conversations have sparked online discussion in the video game community's ongoing Gamergate controversy.[1][2]
The group was directly inspired by JournoList, according to its creator, Ars Technica Senior Editor Kyle Orland.[3] The existence of GameJournoPros and its leaked email conversations play a major part in the case made by #GamerGate that the game media industry is guilty of collusion, corruption and attempted censorship.
From the same nytimes article WaPo references, Gamergate started in 2014.
Gamergate must've travelled back in time to introduce journaloids and media activsts to Gamergate's "vicious tactics of online argumentation into the political mainstream." nytimes / CHARLIE WARZEL / AUG. 15, 2019: How an Online Mob Created a Playbook for a Culture War
On August 15, 2014, an angry 20-something ex-boyfriend published a 9,425-word screed and set in motion a series of vile events that changed the way we fight online. ... And it did. The ex-boyfriend’s claims were picked up by users on Reddit and 4chan and the abuse began.
I suppose Gamergate caused the Journolist 2.0 and Cabalist as well! jezebel / Harron Walker / 27 Jun 2018: Private Messages Reveal the Cis Journalist Groupthink Behind Trans Media Narratives
Singal posted these messages in the discussion forum of a closed listserv he belongs to, hosted on Google Groups. The listserv, per its “About” page, aims to provide an “off-the-record discussion forum for left-of-center journalists, authors, academics and wonks.” It has been around for at least eight years (I found discussion posts dating back as far as 2010), and has just over 400 members (403 at the time of this writing). These members include New York Times best-selling authors, Ivy League academics, magazine editors, and other public intellectuals—in short, a lot of important people who influence public discourse through their written work. They use the listserv’s forum to discuss current events, news from their respective fields, articles they’ve read, articles they’ve written, and other topics of public importance. There are a number of threads about trans stuff, and they read like a greatest hits of the past decade of trans-related cultural anxieties: whether Chelsea Manning would pose a threat in a women’s prison; Janet Mock’s contentious 2014 interview with Piers Morgan and the “Twitter mob” she inspired; Elinor Burkett’s New York Times piece about Caitlyn Jenner and womanhood; comparisons between Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal; erasure of the word “vagina”; saying “pregnant people” vs. “pregnant women”; and a number of Jesse Singal’s articles over the past few years. Tim Pool / Published on Jul 9, 2018: How Journalists Conspire to Push Political Agendas
Somehow, journaloidism's greatest failures are the fault of the journaloid's targets, not the hacks themselves.
Let's see what they say:
Well, you are giving me free publicity. So yeah, I am pretty good. I pissed you off enough
But please. Keep engaging. Keep giving me what I want. Or don't.
Way I see it, every engagement gives me free publicity. Which gets me more clicks. ....which means I get to write more of these, so please. Continue.
Or I literally make money from your attention and clicks. There's that too.
I don't know, but I am grinning at how all the hate-quote-retweets that tweet is getting sure are good for my engagement analytics. Not that they matter, but it is funny.
If hacks write stupid shit for clicks, surely it's Gamergate's fault!
It's not like journaloids STILL exploited Gamergate for clicks 5 years after it began: KotakuInAction / 15 Aug 2019: [SocJus] So the New York Times just dropped 4 articles about Gamergate at the same time... techcrunch / 18 Aug 2019 13:54:45 UTC: The mainstream media have still not learned the lessons of Gamergate theguardian / 20 Aug 2019: The Guardian view on Gamergate: when hatred escaped theverge / Aug 21, 2019: Gamergate comes to the classroom Students used to be blank slates — now they arrive with agendas slate / Aug 23, 2019: Gamergate Never Died The harassment campaign foreshadowed our toxic, meme-strewn politics—but it has also persisted in its original form. KotakuInAction / 24 Aug 2019: [SocJus] Cesar Gaglioni / Nexo - "Gamergate 5 years later. And your role to the far right" (translated from Portuguese) wehuntedthemammoth / August 24, 2019: Hate, lies and video games: Six ways #Gamergate poisoned gaming and ruined the online world for the rest of us KotakuInAction / 26 Aug 2019: [SocJus] Ophélie Surcouf / Korii - "The "Gamergate" showed that the Internet was a weapon of mass destruction" (translated from French)
As for mainstream clickbait, perhaps these classics from the Washington Post? washingtonpost / Joby Warrick / October 27, 2019: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State, dies at 48 washingtonexaminer / John Gage / October 28, 2019: Washington Post columnist issues correction after claiming Baghdadi not a coward
Of course, a certain writer has a dissenting opinion:
I don't expect you to have in-depth knowledge about the inner workings of journalism, but you need to understand that "clicks" do not equate to revenue. I get a salary and benefits from a company with a business department that sells ads, posts deals, and puts together other revenue generators (that are thankfully kept very far away from the editorial team) in order to ensure that we get paid on time.
This thread really sucks and despite your sudden pivot to sucking up to me, I have no patience for your generic disparagement of my colleagues' hard work. You want to criticize an article or offer specific feedback, be my guest. You want to try to get a bunch of people to dogpile on Kotaku, GamerGate-style, based on absolutely nothing but gut feelings, vague nonsense about "clickbait," and a threat to put us on your ad blocker? Piss off.
Maybe he needs to tell all the journaloid hacks from NYT to WaPo to Slate to stop writing piss.
But what do I know, I'm just the cash cow for journaloids. Colombia Journalism Review / Mathew Ingram / November 12, 2019: Everyone is admitting what they get paid to work in journalism
Imagine people getting paid $50,000 a year to write bullshit about you. Amazing!
Like journaloids say, capitalism owns!
Back to the WaPo article:
Maybe the next decade in politics and culture will bring a return to relative normalcy in which we all agree that politicians should be boring and effective and that culture should be escapist and disengaged. Maybe the movements of this decade will continue rather than fizzle out, producing an entertainment industry that’s more diverse in human and intellectual terms, and public figures who establish new ways of communicating with the public. And so maybe it is fitting that this franchise-dominated decade is ending with a cliffhanger.
Yes, let's get back to normalcy. I can't wait for every journaloid to go the way of Deadspin. Jack Crosbie / GEN / Nov 12 2019: The Progressive Press is Facing Mass Extinction Deadspin, Splinter, and ThinkProgress are gone. The mainstream media is hopelessly neutral. Who’s left to check capitalism? businessinsider / 23 Oct 2019 00:12:20 UTC: Employees at digital media companies like Vice and BuzzFeed are griping over dashed stock dreams
More crab raves, get excite!
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2019.12.03 16:31 jdquey How to create value propositions that lifts sales

While competing in The Amazing Race, Blake Mycoskie took an eye-opening trip to Argentina.
Four years later, Mycoskie revisited Argentina on vacation. There he met a woman who was volunteering to deliver shoes to shoeless children. The experience fueled his desire to start a footwear company to help more children in need. His goal was to donate one pair of shoes for every pair someone bought.
You may have heard of this famous footwear company - TOMS.
With nothing more than 200 pairs of shoes and a unique value proposition, Mycoskie began to pitch journalists.
Finally, the Los Angeles Times picked up his story. To his surprise, Mycoskie generated $88,000 in orders over the weekend (source). Eight years later in 2014, TOMS valuation was $625 million (source).
Dozens of copycats have since used the one-for-one model. Companies like Warby Parker, Patagonia, and The Company Store all use this model. According to Wikipedia, it’s now classified as a business model (source)).
For TOMS, this story ends on a happy note. Mycoskie leveraged his value proposition and withstood the onslaught of copycats and competitors.
But for other founders, their products and company stories often end tragically.
Some don’t know how to clearly communicate their unique value. While they might get a wave of traffic from Product Hunt, none of it sticks.
Or perhaps a better-funded competitor takes their idea. They use a similar value proposition and outsmart the competition.
How do you keep your lesser-known company out of the startup graveyard?
One key element is by crafting a unique value proposition that sells.

What is a value proposition (value prop)?

Simply put:
“A value proposition is the value you promise to deliver to your customers.”
Therefore it makes sense that the better you communicate the value you promise (your value prop), the more sales you’ll make.
Here’s the thing.
If you’re relentlessly testing marketing tactics with a lame value prop, you’re just polishing turds.

What are the warning signs that I have a weak value proposition?

  1. You’re in head-to-head battles with competitors. You know their names by heart. The customer constantly decides between you or them. It’s become a spend-out-spend marketing fight every step of the way.
  2. Your articles and ads sound like every other option in Google. If you sound like every other me-too mediocre marketing message, you’re asking for someone to disrupt your industry. (The good news for you is it’s a sure sign of an industry ripe for the picking).
  3. People who “should” be buying from you are bouncing off your site. And why should they stick around if you don’t have?
  4. Customers know how much your product “should” cost. It’s expensive to attempt to sell a commodity. If you look the same, talk the same, and feel the same as everyone out there, how will I, your customer, know the difference? If a customer can reasonably and accurately compare your product to something on Amazon, you’re a dead man walking.
  5. Your customer is more in control of the transaction than you are. You’re in deep sewage water when they demand concessions, price, terms, and delivery.
If this sounds all-too-familiar, read on...

How important is a strong value prop?

Peep Laja, the founder of the renowned conversion optimization agency Conversion XL, went so far to say:
“...if I could give you only one piece of conversion optimization advice, ‘test your value proposition’ would be it.” (Source)
A strong value proposition will be:
  1. Relevant to your customers’ acute pain. It’s written in the language of your customer so your customers’ know it addresses their ongoing problems.
  2. Clear about the value you offer and how it will improve their lives. A customer should be able to read and understand your value prop in five seconds (or less). There should be no hype or business jargon.
  3. Specific about the benefits you offer. There is a concrete result a customer will get from buying from your product.
  4. Different or significantly better than what your competition offers.
Here’s the problem:
Your competitors can easily copy most value propositions. I’ve found over 30 companies using the one-for-one model (source, source, source). And that doesn’t count dozens of other companies who tried and failed using this business model.
*In fact, your competitors will often offer a similar value prop as you. *Perhaps they will phrase it a bit differently. But it’s almost an exact copy in the eyes of your customers.
So how do you write a powerful value prop that makes sales, and is nigh impossible for your competition to steal?

How to write a powerful, unique value prop statement

Step 1: Talk to your customers (AKA, gather your voice of the customer data).

Main article: Voice of the customer (VOC)
Ask them why they bought your product rather than a competitor’s product. Find out what they wish were better about your competitor’s offer. And also ask what is the main reason they bought from you. Talking to your customers is key when accurately mapping your Gap Analysis™.

Step 2: Conduct market research (optional, but recommended).

Customer interviews will point you in the right direction. But market research is valuable to understand how big the problem is in your target market.
You can survey the market using a survey tool like Pollfish. How many people should you survey? To get a 99% confidence level, with a 5% margin of error, and with any population size, you will want to survey 664 people.

Step 3: Collect competitive intel.

Main article: Competitive intelligence
Look up the names of every competitor in your niche. This includes looking up:
  1. Competitors you know about
  2. Competitors your customer told you in step one
  3. Competitors you find doing a Google search for “$COMPETITOR alternatives.” You’ll want to replace “$COMPETITOR” with the names of your competitors.
Next, you’ll want to find out how your competitors are positioning themselves. To 80-20 this process, I recommend you look at their title tag in Google. Then look at their messaging on their homepage. This is where customers look to first learn about a company’s value prop.
If you’re looking for a product’s value prop, you’ll want to visit the product page and use this same process.
Put this all in one document so you can easily compare and contrast what you’re doing.

Step 4: Choose your position in the market.

Main article: Positioning strategy
With your research in hand, it’s now time to pick which market you want to be in and the position you will take to dominate the market.
  1. Which market are customers complaining the most about your competitors? Look at your VOC data from step one. Do you see words such as “hate, afraid, anxious, overwhelmed, feeling stupid, getting stuck, or wasting time”? That’s a sign people are experiencing high pain on a frequent basis.
  2. What benefits are your customers wanting from you or an alternative product? Do they want service delivered faster? Or slower? Are they looking to save more money? Or would they prefer to pay a premium?
  3. Are any competitors focused on this benefit exclusively? Many products attempt to be all things to all people. The problem is people have faulty memories. If you focus on one promise, it will be easier to become first-to-mind.
  4. Which opportunity excites you the most? If you were going to spend the next 10 years becoming the next “overnight success.” What would you enjoy investing your time doing better?
  5. What resources do you have to defend this position? Let’s pretend you’re going to create a competitor to Uber Lux. Do you have celebrity connections? Do you have friends with sports cars? Or do you have connections with hotel managers whom you can partner with?
Each of these steps makes it harder for someone to steal your idea.
But the final step is what will cause your brand to rise above the noise.

Step 5: Create a unique selling proposition (USP).

Main article: Unique selling proposition
From my observation, there are three approaches companies take to creating a strong value prop which creates sales:
  1. The company riffs on a common value prop.
  2. The company creates an original value prop.
  3. The company creates a unique selling proposition (USP), supported with a concrete promise.
Let’s take a look at each strategy to a strong value prop, and why I recommend you create a USP.
1. The company riffs on a common value prop.
Walmart took this approach to create a strong value prop. And from my observation, it’s the hardest approach to defend. Especially if you’re not a big-name company.
Why is it so challenging to defend? Because it’s too easy for someone else to take the same approach. As a result, you often need to constantly outwit the competition to become and keep up with the Joneses your competition.
Think about how many bargains and discount companies are out there competing with Wally World:
  1. Costco
  2. Kmart
  3. Target
  4. JCPenney
  5. Dollar General
  6. Dollar Tree
  7. SuperValu
  8. Aldi
  9. Big Lots
  10. Burlington
  11. Marshalls
  12. Nordstrom Rack
  13. Ross
  14. Save-A-Lot
  15. Super One Foods
  16. TJ Maxx
  17. Sam’s Club
  18. Stein Mart
  19. National Wholesale Liquidators
  20. WinCo
Wikipedia also lists over 90 defunct discount stores (source). If I were in your shoes, I would avoid taking this approach to creating a value prop at all costs.
2. The company creates an original value prop.
Using this approach gives you a similar temporary advantage as being first-to-market.
As a result of creating an original value prop, it’s easier to be first-to-mind because, for a season, you are the only option.
If you want to remain first-to-mind, the trick is to not let your foot off the marketing gas pedal to keep your lead. Otherwise, a smarter and better-funded team may become number one in your market. Consider how Facebook overtook MySpace as the social network to connect with friends.
TOMS took this approach to create an original value prop.
3. The company creates a USP, supported with a concrete promise.
If I were to ask you, “Who promises to deliver pizza in 30 minutes or less?” you’d likely answer Domino’s.
Yet unless you’re located in Colombia, Vietnam, Mexico, China, or India (source), Domino’s has not had this guarantee since 1993 (source).
Domino’s customers still remember this promise years later. Here’s a Reddit post from 2017 with pizza delivery guys and gals still hearing this complaint. And here’s another post from 2019 referencing the 30-minute delivery requirement.
That’s the branding power of a USP. It sticks in your customers’ mind years later.
Sure, Pizza Hut or Little Caesar’s could claim they deliver pizza fast. Domino’s put their money where their mouth is and stated they’d get it to you in 30 minutes.
*To create your USP, you’ll want to dig into your data. *
Let’s say you want to offer fast customer service. How fast does your support ticket software say you solve each issue?
Or maybe you sell the world’s boldest coffee drink as Death Wish Coffee does. Can you measure coffee strength by how much caffeine is in every cup of coffee?
All you need to do is figure out what you already do right now to solve your customer’s problems. Then promise you’ll solve it with concrete information.

What You Should Do Next

The single biggest driver of growth I’ve seen for new products is a strong value proposition. And if you can back it up with specifics and a rock-solid guarantee, even better.
If you have not done so, I’d recommend you start by creating your voice of the customer program. This will give you qualitative data on how to create your value prop.
Once you have that information, I recommend creating a market research survey. This will allow you to see how big the issue is in your market.
Then check out what the competition is doing. How are they positioning themselves?
Next, consider what your position should be in the market. Can you be significantly better than what your competition is offering? If not, can you do it better?
Finally, drill down into specifics to more precisely communicate your USP.
For more articles like this, click here to check out our articles on positioning.
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2019.10.20 05:50 Checkthescript Interested in reading interviews about work-life balance with startup founders, CEOs & entrepreneurs?

We've spoken to 250+ people about work-life balance. From CEOs to independent musicians, startup founders to freelance journalists, performance coaches to marketing managers, creative directors to product managers, and more.
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2019.10.20 05:39 Checkthescript Interested in reading interviews about work-life balance with startup founders, CEOs & entrepreneurs?

We've spoken to 250+ people about work-life balance. From CEOs to independent musicians, startup founders to freelance journalists, performance coaches to marketing managers, creative directors to product managers, and more.
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Freelancer work-life balance interviews

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2019.10.20 04:57 Checkthescript Interested in reading interviews about work-life balance in different professions?

We've spoken to 250+ people about work-life balance. From CEOs to independent musicians, startup founders to freelance journalists, performance coaches to marketing managers, creative directors to product managers, and more.
Below are just some highlight interviews to get you started. You can check out the rest here.

Startup founders work-life balance interviews

Freelancer work-life balance interviews

PR agency work-life balance interviews

Product designer work-life balance interviews

Digital marketing manager work-life balance interviews

Product manager work-life balance interviews

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2019.01.29 06:39 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Howard's End by Priyanka Aribindi, Brian Beutler & Crooked Media (01/28/19)

"Without social networks, she became the first “influencer”: the “influencer” of God." —Pope Francis

Can We Venti For A Moment?

Billionaire Starbucks founder Howard Schultz is strongly considering running for president as an independent, a decision that could help re-elect Donald Trump.
Schultz has rationalized his potential candidacy on two assumptions, both of which are false:
Third-party candidates tend to drain votes away from one of the two major-party candidates. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who flirted with an independent run in the past, said this today: “In 2020, the great likelihood is that an independent would just split the anti-Trump vote and end up re-electing the President. That’s a risk I refused to run in 2016 and we can’t afford to run it now.”
Schultz has claimed to believe that Trump is unfit for office. The only question is whether he is being duped by money-grubbing consultants into launching a candidacy that will deliver the unfit president a second term, or whether he knows exactly what he’s doing.
Our Jon Lovett put it best: “My hope is that the criticisms reach you, that you talk to smart people you do not pay, that you do not show the same kind of hubris and selfishness and ego that led Trump to believe he alone could fix it. In other words, I hope you show some patriotism and get your head out of your ass.”

What In The World?

Two men are simultaneously claiming to be Venezuela’s president. The first is Nicolás Maduro, a dictator who was re-elected in a rigged election in May and has led Venezuela into economic collapse and a humanitarian disaster. There’s also opposition leadepresident of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó, whom President Trump and the heads of several other countries have recognized as interim head-of-state, though Maduro has refused to relinquish power.
Over the weekend, Maduro backed off his previous demand that all American diplomats leave the country, but the U.S. and a growing number of countries are still pushing for Venezuela to hold new, untampered elections.
Today the U.S. Treasury Department imposed new sanctions on Venezuela’s state-owned oil company in order to diminish Maduro’s wealth, and give the military less reason to be loyal to him. And apparently now, National Security Adviser John Bolton wants to send 5,000 troops to Colombia, presumably to intimidate Maduro and establish a horizon force in the event that Venezuela spirals into civil war. To which we say to John Bolton: 1) Put your documents in a folder, 2) Don’t invade Venezuela.

What Else

U.S. and Taliban leaders have agreed in principle to a plan that would lead to the full withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan in exchange for concessions that would guarantee Afghan territory would not be used by terrorists. Concessions that are up for debate also include a Taliban ceasefire and agreements to direct talks with the Afghan government—two conditions that the Taliban has previously resisted.
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) formally announced her 2020 presidential campaign on Sunday in her hometown of Oakland, CA to a crowd of over 20,000 people. She spoke openly about racism, police brutality, and the need for unity in America, and endorsed several policy proposals, including Medicare-for-all, reversing Republican tax cuts, debt-free college, universal pre-K, and tax breaks for middle class families.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited President Trump to deliver his State of the Union address on February 5th in the House Chamber. Pelosi originally planned to host the address on Tuesday, but postponed it (like a boss) during the shutdown.
Outgoing Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker told reporters that he “thinks” Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is nearing completion. On the other hand, Michael Cohen will testify behind closed doors to the House Intelligence Committee on February 8, so the congressional investigations are just heating up.
The U.S. has charged Chinese smartphone maker Huawei with stealing trade secrets from T-Mobile, and committing bank fraud by violating sanctions through their business with Iran. This is the latest escalation in tensions between the U.S. and China, and comes as the U.S. pushes other allies to keep Huawei from building a next-generation 5G network.
President Trump’s New York golf clubs just fired a dozen immigrant workers who were in the U.S. illegally, even though their managers knew about their legal status for over 12 years, which means they were violating the law. Reminder: Trump justified shutting down the government for over 30 days because of how bad he claims to think illegal immigration is.
Naomi Osaka became the first Asian tennis player to be ranked No. 1 in the world after winning the Australian Open—her second grand-slam championship after she beat Serena Williams in a controversial match at the U.S. Open last year. Meanwhile, Serbian tennis great Novak Djokovic won his record seventh Australian Open against Rafael Nadal. We at Crooked Media know a little more about tennis than football (heavy emphasis on “a little”). From Brian: pls stop subtweeting me in my own newsletter.
BuzzFeed employees have circulated a letter calling on the company to pay out accrued paid time off to the dozens of employees it laid off in recent days. BuzzFeed’s own community section has called out the company for the layoffs, too.

Be Smarter

The government shutdown cost the U.S. economy almost two times more ($11 billion) in lost productivity than Trump is demanding for his idiotic border wall.
The Trump administration’s multi-trillion dollar corporate tax cuts have not had any impact on businesses’ plans to hire or make capital investments. Cool.

What A Sponsor!

Havenly is the most delightful way to design and visualize spaces in your home, all online, and on any budget. For just $69, partner with an interior designer to create a beautiful design based on your unique style. You can even take Havenly's free Design Style Quiz and learn your interior design style! Get started today and enjoy $20 off a full design package with code WHATADAY →

The New Dumbest Thing I Have Ever Heard

During a Meet the Press roundtable discussion of immigration this weekend, former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw expressed his own opinion that "the Hispanics should be working harder at assimilation,” and they should be making sure their kids can speak English. The Trump administration exploits this dumb and racist anti-immigrant stereotype constantly, as part of its effort to keep non-white people out of America. So, thanks, Tom.


(Remember people, code PODSAVEAMERICA)
Clue Heywood on Twitter: "Love putting my Peloton bike in the most striking area of my ultra-modern $3 million house"
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2018.10.26 21:19 CryptoJennie BAT Community Weekly Update: 10/19/2018 to 10/25/2018 — Upcoming AMA with Jonathan Sampson (10/31), successful BAT Community meetups in Colombia and Canada (pics), cross-device sync “close” to hitting dev channel for user testing, anonymous tips by default in the works!

Welcome to this week's BAT Community Update! Big thanks to u/MurphD for his contributions!

Upcoming AMA with Jon Sampson, Senior Developer Relations at Brave: Wednesday, Oct. 31st, 2018 @ 9:30-10:30AM PT on BATProject
At Brave, Jonathan Sampson acts as a liaison between the developers in the broader community and the project itself. In his own words:
“I am in Developer Relations, which means I work to help developers in the broader community understand how they can leverage efforts, as well as how they can contribute to the project itself. I try not to limit myself to only developer topics though; I lend a hand wherever and whenever I can be useful.”
You can now leave questions for Sampson in the thread linked below!

Successful meetup hosted by BAT Colombia in Medellín! (10/20)
BAT Colombia does it again! Big thank you to our BAT Regional Leader from Colombia, Wilfredo Caro G, for his incredible work and dedication to the project!
See photos from the meetup in Medellín (10/20), here:
And here:
See photos from BAT Colombia’s last meetup in Bogotá, here (09/25):

BAT, Brave & Blockchain Meetup in Montreal, Canada w/ Chris & Jennie from the BAT Team! (10/23)
On October 23rd, Chris and Jennie from the BAT Team headed over to McGill University where Chris gave an astounding, high-level presentation about blockchain, BAT & Brave! The event was brought to life with the help of McGill’s Computer Science Undergrad Society (CSUS).The meetup went way overtime and many guests hung back to ask questions after it was over. It was a super success!
See pics from the meetup here:

BAT Community Merch Giveaway Winners!
The winners for our BAT Community Daily Merch Giveaways for this week are:
Click here to see pics of previous giveaway winners rocking their BAT/Brave merch!:
This lucky winner just received his merch and is thrilled about it!:
Be sure to tune in to our social media channels every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday to participate in our daily merch giveaways for your chance to win!

Client Updates:

Brave releases desktop version 0.55.20!
Brave releases Brave Beta v0.56.6
Brave releases Brave Dev v0.57.2

Brave Team Tweets:

Luke encounters Chrome’s automatic login “feature.” If only there was an alternative… :)
Luke Mulks @lukemulks Unfortunate that I have to drill down to make sure the browser isn't putting authentication-level assurances on behavioral browsing data collected and profiled as I browse the web...if there were only a browser that didn't play such games... ;-) 1:45 PM - Oct 19, 2018

Luke’s word cloud fun (thread):
Luke Mulks @lukemulks Ran a fun exercise out of curiosity for our current @BAT_Community @reddit #AMA series with @brave team members.
For the exercise, I copied the AMA highlights from our blog posts, and ran them through a word cloud generator (thx @jasondavies for the free generator). Thread! 2:13 AM - Oct 21, 2018

Mark your calendars - Sampson is speaking at CryptoSeattle.
Sampson @BraveSampson
I'll be discussing Privacy and Brave at CryptoSeattle on 10/30, followed by a Reddit AMA on 10/31. Leaving for Berkeley from 11/1-11/5 to visit CalHacks. And State of Browsers is just around the corner too (12/11) where I'll be sharing exciting news about BAT and @Brave updates. 7:52 PM - Oct 21, 2018

The Chrome Store sees Brave as Chrome. Why? (Brave is sneaky at the moment.)
Joshua Galan 📷 @MuyGalan Replying to @brianbondy @brave I tried to install the below Chrome extension on Brave, but it's redirecting me to download Chrome. Am I doing something wrong?

Sampson @BraveSampson That button, contrary to what it says, will add this extension to the Brave browser. For now, the Chrome Web Store thinks that we are also Chrome. We'll fix that in the near future ;)
12:17 AM - Oct 22, 2018

Sampson @jonathansampson With the creation of the banner ad in 1994, some were worried about the legality of online ads, while others were curious if users could be tracked individually. Here we are today with GDPR, behavioral targeting, real-time bidding, and more. @AttentionToken aims to right wrongs.
1:15 AM - Oct 23, 2018

Check out the BAT/Brave Meetup / blockchain workshop that happened in Montreal!
BAT Community @BAT_Community Blockchain workshop + BAT/Brave meetup happening right now in #Montreal! If you’re on campus at @mcgillu, come stop by ARTS 260! 📷 $BAT #Brave #BeBrave #blockchain #blockchainworkshop #McGillU 6:32 PM - Oct 23, 2018

Is sync coming back? Brendan replies:
BrendanEich ✔@BrendanEich
It is close to being in dev channel for user testing; already in mobile. Cc'ing @brianbondy for latest info. 5:29 AM - Oct 24, 2018

Johnny Ryan @johnnyryan Facebook announced just now at #ICDPPC2018 that it endorses a #GDPR standard federal law in the US. There is a problem though. $FB does not today comply with the #GDPR. 8:44 AM - Oct 24, 2018

Johnny Ryan @johnnyryan Big statements from Barry Lynn of @openmarkets at #ICDPPC2018. The concentration of market power in platform monopolies, combined with mass accumulated data, is a crisis for democracy. 11:12 AM - Oct 24, 2018

Brave’s tipping plans… what’s in the works?
BrendanEich ✔@BrendanEich What we'd like to do with tipping is give anonymous by default, pseudonymous or twitter handle if user chooses (picking Twitter as example, we would generalize acrosses UGC platforms) immediate joy to the creator. That will take some anonymity tech work, but it's on the agenda.
8:29 PM - Oct 24, 2018

David Temkin speaks at SOCAP18
TJ Abood‏ @aboodtj10 “With the advent of big platforms we are experiencing re-centralization...@brave is looking to balance that out” #SOCAP18 6:07 PM - 25 Oct 2018

BAT/Brave in the News:

What Can Google And Facebook Learn From Alternative Search?
It’s commonly understood that any free online service, like a search engine or an open social media platform, pays for itself by commodifying its users' data and selling that data to marketers. In essence, the user becomes less the customer than the product itself.
Brendan Eich, the open-sourcing advocate and creator of Mozilla and JavaScript, turns this proposition on its head with Brave Browser, a privacy-focused search alternative that prominently features the message “You are not the product” to differentiate itself from targeting focused competitors.

News You Should Know:

Apps Installed On Millions Of Android Phones Tracked User Behavior To Execute A Multimillion-Dollar Ad Fraud Scheme
A BuzzFeed News investigation uncovered a sophisticated ad fraud scheme involving more than 125 Android apps and websites, some of which were targeted at kids.

Tim Cook warns of ‘data-industrial complex’ in call for comprehensive US privacy laws
Apple CEO Tim Cook has called for new digital privacy laws in the United States, warning that the collection of huge amounts of personal data by companies is harming society.
Speaking at a privacy conference in Brussels, Cook gave an impassioned and forceful speech. He reiterated familiar talking points like Apple’s commitment to privacy (and, by implication, its rivals lack of commitment) while spelling out public concerns in recent years regarding data collection, surveillance, and manipulation.

Upping dispute over political ads rules, The Financial Times pulls Facebook ads from the UK
The Financial Times has quit advertising on Facebook in the U.K. in the last three weeks since the platform tightened rules around declaring political ads, a policy that has concerned U.S. publishers for being lumped in with political lobbying.
The primary concern for the FT is any ad it buys in the U.K. that relates to a political content or figure must carry the logo “paid for by,” blurring the line between journalism and political advocacy, in the eyes of the FT. Facebook has engaged in a wide-ranging push to bring transparency to political advertising in the wake of scandals arising from Russian interference in elections in both the U.S. and U.K.

Roaring Fans:
Nemo @ncerovac Hey @brave I love you 📷 So happy that I switched to this browser. Try it! 7:43 AM - 25 Oct 2018

Bartek Piech @bartekpiech I started using @brave on android some time ago now it's my primary browser on the desktop 3h3 hours ago

Mattyb‏ @mattybchats 1 month of using @brave as my main browser. First BAT payment goes out today too! Switching browsers is always a bit of a hassle, but zero regrets here. Would highly recommend giving it a go. 4h4 hours ago

LukeHero‏ @itsLukeHero De-Googling myself a bit. Still more to do.📷 Chrome -> @brave📷 Google Search -> @DuckDuckGo📷 G Docs -> @zoho Docs📷 Gmail -> @ProtonMail
#TakeBackYourPrivacy 4h4 hours ago

Crypto Sampo‏ @CryptoSampo #notsponsoredjustimpressed I'm really impressed by the latest version of the @brave browser. I've been using it for over a week, and every aspect of it outperforms its competitors. Fast, easy to setup, and has a lot of useful privacy features.#dApps #blockchain 5h5 hours ago

Javier Mendonça‏ @javiermendonca I have changed today to @brave and @DuckDuckGo as my default browser and search engine. Got tired of being tracked all over the web and Google tweaking search results.Privacy is not a privilege but a right! #privacy 7h7 hours ago

✉ Guerrilla Mail‏ @GuerrillaMail Not blocking ads yet? We now detect if you're NOT, and recommend the privacy-aware Brave Browser from @brave! See how it works: #privacy #adblocker #dataprotection #security Oct 24

Niall Harbison ✔@NiallHarbison Trust me and try this browser. @brave can not believe how fast it is and blocks every ad and dodgy tracking around the web. Absolute game changer. Mobile app and web
4:46 PM - Oct 25, 2018
submitted by CryptoJennie to BATProject [link] [comments]

2018.08.12 18:00 autobuzzfeedbot 34 Facts About Netflix Original Series That'll Make You Say "Huh, I Never Knew That"

  1. On BoJack Horseman, celebrities are usually approached to voice the cartoon version of themselves. If they say no or can't for some reason, the depiction of their character tends to be a bit meaner, and sometimes meets a cruel fate (see: Andrew Garfield's character falling down a hole and breaking all his bones. .
  2. But Jessica Biel actually asked for the jokes about her to be meaner.
  3. Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg has said there's no ending in mind for the show or a timeline for when he would like it to end, so believes under the right circumstances it could be a long-running series that spans years and years.
  4. As a rule, none of the characters have pets on the show, although it's established now that they do eat meat.
  5. Laura Prepon initially auditioned for the role of Piper in Orange is the New Black, but didn't have the "girl next door" vibe.
  6. The scene where Piscatella tortures Red in season 5 took six hours to film; as sometimes it involved pretending to pull Red's hair before dropping fake hair on the floor, and other times it was a stunt actor in a wig and so he could actually cut the hair.
  7. The character of Nicky was only meant to be in the show for six episodes.
  8. Even though viewers have been watching the show for five years, at the start of season six Piper Chapman has only spent around eleven months in prison.
  9. Winona Ryder supposedly didn't know what streaming was prior to being approached for Stranger Things.
  10. And the show was rejected 15-20 times by various networks.
  11. The creators were told by some executives to either make the show kid-friendly, or to not have children as the leads and make it a show focused on Hopper’s investigation.
  12. The series was planned initially as a limited run, where Eleven would die at the end and not come back.
  13. Alison Brie was initially rejected for GLOW because they wanted to cast an unknown as the star.
  14. And all of the actresses on the show do their own on-screen stunts.
  15. Felicity Jones reportedly auditioned to play young Queen Elizabeth II on The Crown.
  16. Finding authentic looking shoes was one of the hardest parts of perfecting the show's costumes, as most vintage ones only run in small sizes, and the average shoe size has increased quite a bit since then.
  17. The Fab Five apartment in Queer Eye is a set tacked onto the production office.
  18. Tan France didn’t audition but was was sought out from social media, although he found the idea of being on the show terrifying at first because he hates having his photo taken.
  19. he Fab Five got on so well and there was so much energy between them all, that there was an on-set wrangler to make sure they sat and behaved between scenes.
  20. Wagner Moura had to gain 18kg for the role of Pablo Escobar in Narcos, and has said he wouldn't take on such a physically taxing role again.
  21. He couldn’t speak Spanish beforehand, and took himself to a university Spanish course in Colombia to learn the language.
  22. The character of Carol Danvers was going to feature in Jessica Jones but because the MCU shifted and she got her own movie, she ultimately wasn't in the show.
  23. Krysten Ritter put on ten pounds of pure muscle for the role.
  24. The swear jar in Luke Cage was a homage to Prince, who had one, and there had been hopes of showing him the initial episodes so that he would appear in the finale. Unfortunately, his untimely death meant this never happened.
  25. Charlie Cox has said that his Daredevil role may have contributed to his Han Solo audition going badly. He says that he had gotten so used to not making eye contact with people while playing the blind lawyer Matt Murdock, that he forgot to make eye contact during the Han Solo audition too.
  26. 13 Reasons Why was originally going to be a movie after Universal acquired it and Selena Gomez, who executive produces the Netflix series, was set to star.
  27. The creator of Grace and Frankie says it's highly unlikely any of the main characters would ever be killed off as "it would be so mean to kill one of them off just for the sake of killing one of them off."
  28. Even though she has been acting for decades, Jane Fonda hired an acting coach to help her for the role of Grace as she had never done episodic television before.
  29. It took between 75 and 90 minutes to transform Neil Patrick Harris into Count Olaf for A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  30. The actor playing Sunny Baudelaire had to wear a "baby toupée" in season one.
  31. Unbreakably Kimmy Schmidt actors Ellie Kemper and Jon Hamm go way back – he used to be her drama teacher.
  32. The show references Jon Hamm's Don Draper role, with Kimmy calling him a “madman” and saying that he convinced them he came up with the “buy the world a Coke” commercial.
  33. They had to smooth over and re-edit the show to cover where the commercial breaks would have been, as the show was originally made for NBC and would have had to run shorter.
  34. The sex scenes in Sense8 have to sometimes be filmed in lots of different locations, so THAT orgy scene in season one was actually filmed over and over during a series of months.
Link to article
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2018.08.03 14:00 autobuzzfeedbot Here's What Food Is Served In 17 Movie Theaters Around The World

  1. Indonesia: Fish and chips
  2. Hong Kong: Roasted cuttlefish balls
  3. Texas, USA: Pickles
  4. Barbados: Samosas
  5. Canada: Poutine
  6. Denmark: Beer
  7. New York, USA: Cheddar biscuits
  8. Philippines: Popcorn with cheese, BBQ, or wasabi powder
  9. Hawaii, USA: Popcorn with rice crackers and seaweed flakes
  10. Colombia: Sushi
  11. Sweden: BYOSnacks
  12. Denmark: A candy bar
  13. Germany: Chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bites
  14. Minnesota, USA: Gourmet burgers and cocktails
  15. Korea: Butter Squid
  16. Spain: Red wine and Coca-Cola
  17. Japan: Churros
Link to article
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2018.07.16 13:00 autobuzzfeedbot Here's What National Parks Look Like In 20 Different Countries

  1. China: Guilin and Lijiang River National Park
  2. Brazil: Lençóis Maranhenses National Park
  3. Ecuador: Galápagos National Park
  4. USA: Acadia National Park
  5. Turkey: Göreme National Park
  6. New Zealand: Fiordland National Park
  7. Indonesia: Komodo National Park
  8. Nepal: Sagarmatha National Park
  9. Canada: Banff National Park
  10. Croatia: Plitvice Lakes National Park
  11. Thailand: Ao Phang Nga National Park
  12. Iceland: Thingvellir National Park
  13. Chile: Torres del Paine National Park
  14. Namibia: Namib-Naukluft National Park
  15. Australia: Port Campbell National Park
  16. France: Calanques National Park
  17. Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls National Park
  18. Italy: Cinque Terre National Park
  19. South Africa: Kruger National Park
  20. Colombia: Tayrona National Park
Link to article
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2018.07.03 18:00 autobuzzfeedbot 13 Bizarre Booze Combos That People Actually Swear By

  1. Germany: Beer + Sprite
  2. Netherlands: Black vodka + Fristi
  3. Canada: Rye + Ginger ale
  4. Argentina: Fernet + Coke
  5. Colombia: Lager beer + Colombiana soda
  6. France: Vodka + sorbet
  7. Spain: Red wine + Coca-Cola
  8. India: Old Monk rum + watermelon juice
  9. Sweden: Limoncello + Sprite
  10. Mexico: Tequila + Squirt soda
  11. South Korea: Soju + Beer
  12. China: Whiskey + green tea
  13. Germany: Vodka + Club Mate
Link to article
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2018.06.27 11:00 autobuzzfeedbot 24 Hostels Around The World That Look Fancy But Won’t Break The Bank

  1. The Farm Hostel, Bali, Indonesia
  2. Away With the Fairies Hostel, Hogsback, South Africa
  3. Rodamón, Marrakech, Morocco
  4. Casa Elemento, Minca, Colombia
  5. 99 Surf Lodge, Tola, Nicaragua
  6. Central Backpackers Hostel, Catba, Vietnam
  7. Santos Express Train, Mossel Bay, South Africa
  8. Bambuda Lodge, Bocas del Toro, Panama
  9. Jumbo Stay, Stockholm, Sweden
  10. The Drop Bear Hostel, Santa Marta, Colombia
  11. Fauzi Azar Inn, Nazareth, Israel
  12. St Briavels Castle, Gloucestershire, UK
  13. Sydney Harbour YHA, Sydney, Australia
  14. Caveland, Santorini, Greece
  15. Lucky Lake Hostel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  16. Hostel Celica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  17. Zostel Ooty, Ooty, India
  18. Red Boat Hostel, Stockholm, Sweden
  19. Sunset Destination Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal
  20. Héraðsskólinn Hostel, Laugarvatn, Iceland
  21. Cascada Verde, Uvita, Costa Rica
  22. ArkaBarka, Belgrade, Serbia
  23. Kadir's Tree Houses, Olympos, Turkey
  24. The Circle, Da Lat, Vietnam
Link to article
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2018.06.20 13:00 autobuzzfeedbot 32 Cool World Cup T-Shirts For People Who Want To Support Their Team But Are On A Budget

  1. This Argentina t-shirt with some of the team's top players (yes even if Messi misses a penalty, he's still one of the top players), is perfect for any "Albiceleste" fans.
  2. If you're supporting Australia this World Cup, you can get this customizable t-shirt to get into the football spirit.
  3. If you're rooting for the ~Red Devils,~ who also happen to be one of the favorites this World Cup, but don't want to commit to the official jersey, this cute t-shirt will do the trick.
  4. Though Brazil is also considered one of the favorites, getting a t-shirt with a legend's name on it might be the safest bet after what happened in 2014.
  5. If you want to show love for "Los Cafeteros," while educating people at the same time, this shirt is for you.
  6. Costa Ricans did well last World Cup, but that doesn't mean you can justify spending $84.99 on a jersey. If you're on a budget but still want to show your support, you can do so with a t-shirt like this one.
  7. Croatia started off the World Cup with a win, so if that makes you want to show your team off, this t-shirt will help you with that.
  8. Denmark also started the World Cup right, by winning their first match. Get this t-shirt if you think the Danes have a shot at winning everything.
  9. Even though Mo Salah is still recovering from his Champions League injury, he'll most likely be playing for Egypt's next game. Get this shirt if you're a Mo Salah and Egypt fan.
  10. England hasn't won a World Cup title since 1966, but if you have faith in the current team, this t-shirt should be in your shopping cart.
  11. If you think "Les Bleus" are taking the cup home, this cropped tee should be part of your wardrobe this summer.
  12. Germany, the current champs, have a ton of fans who would look great wearing this Deutschland t-shirt.
  13. Iceland shocked people by tying with Argentina in their World Cup debut. If you're impressed and want to show the team love, this cute t-shirt is perfect for you.
  14. If you're a fan of Iran's team solely because you think they're hot, I'm not here to judge. Also, here's a t-shirt so you can pretend you care about football too.
  15. Are you supporting the "Blue Samurai," but don't want to spend over $30 doing so? I got you. This ~football~ t-shirt is under $25.
  16. If you're into minimalist design and Korean football, this shirt is a perfect mix of both.
  17. Mexico's fans are so committed to their team, that after their win over Germany, they literally created a mini earthquake. If you're shook by how well they played, and want to show your support, get this t-shirt in your shopping cart ASAP.
  18. The "Lions of the Atlas" is a sweet nickname for a football team. If you feel the same way and want to make your love for Morocco known, get this shirt.
  19. Though Nigeria has one of the coolest soccer kits ever, not everyone can spend over $80 on something they'll only wear a few times. So this t-shirt is for you.
  20. Panama is making their World Cup debut this year, and if you're excited about it, you can show your love by wearing this t-shirt.
  21. It's the first time Peru is playing the World Cup since 1982, so if that's not reason to celebrate, I don't know what is. Get this t-shirt to show your support.
  22. If you're rooting for Poland, get this chill, yet very Polish t-shirt.
  23. If you think Cristiano Ronaldo is bae, but you're also into how talented he is, show your man support with this Portugal t-shirt.
  24. If you're rooting for the host nation, but don't feel like committing to an actual jersey, this Russian t-shirt is the perfect find for you.
  25. Saudi Arabia had an upsetting loss against Russia at the World Cup opening game, but if you're a loyal fan and will stand by your team no matter what, you should consider getting this t-shirt.
  26. Senegal reached quarter-finals in 2002, and now they're back for more. Rep your team with this colorful t-shirt.
  27. This Serbia t-shirt looks almost exactly like the official jersey, but it's way, way more affordable.
  28. Spain is another favorite this year. Get this t-shirt if you want to bet for a team that will probably go far in the tournament.
  29. Sweden might be missing Zlatan this World Cup, but they might not need him after all. Show your love for the Swedes with this cotton t-shirt.
  30. Switzerland will most likely make it out of the group stage, so show some love with this football-friendly t-shirt.
  31. This ~retro~ Tunisian t-shirt is a great alternative to an expensive football jersey.
  32. Suarez might've made headlines last World Cup for biting someone, but this time around he's ready to win. This t-shirt is a fun way to celebrate the goals he'll probably score.
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2018.06.03 13:00 autobuzzfeedbot 27 Incredibly Surreal Places Every Travel-Lover Must Visit

  1. Strasbourg, France
  2. Cocora Valley, Colombia
  3. Yosemite National Park, California
  4. Roratonga, Cook Islands
  5. Samariá Gorge, Crete
  6. Cape Leveque, Western Australia
  7. Seville, Spain
  8. Ring of Kerry, Ireland
  9. Rio Celeste, Costa Rica
  10. KoKo Head Summit, Oahu
  11. Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
  12. Moraine Lake, Alberta
  13. Bhutan
  14. The Azores, Portugal
  15. Machu Picchu, Peru
  16. Miyajima Island, Japan
  17. Chefchaouen, Morocco
  18. Phuket, Thailand
  19. Burano, Italy
  20. Palau, Western Pacific
  21. Krka National Park, Croatia
  22. Casperia, Italy
  23. Lofoten Islands, Norway
  24. Iceland
  25. Santorini, Greece
  26. Antelope Canyon, Arizona
  27. Jounieh, Lebanon
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2018.05.15 18:00 autobuzzfeedbot 23 Rainbow Destinations To Visit Before You Die

  1. Antelope Canyon: Arizona, USA
  2. Keukenhof tulip fields: Holland, Netherlands
  3. Zhangye Danxia landform: Gansu, China
  4. Colmar commune: Alsace region, France
  5. St. Basil's Cathedral: Moscow, Russia
  6. Cinque Terre: Liguria, Italy
  7. Rainbow Village: Taichung, Taiwan
  8. Bo-Kaap: Cape Town, South Africa
  9. Seven Magic Mountains: Nevada, USA
  10. Miracle Garden: Dubailand, Dubai
  11. Las Palmitas in Pachuca: Hidalgo, Mexico
  12. Vinicunca: Cusco, Peru
  13. Burano: Northern Venetian Lagoon, Italy
  14. Umbrella Sky Project: Águeda, Portugal
  15. Guanajuato: Central Mexico
  16. Serangoon Road: Little India, Singapore
  17. Park Güell: Barcelona, Spain
  18. Gamcheon Village: Busan, South Korea
  19. Notting Hill: London, United Kingdom
  20. Old Town: Cartagena, Colombia
  21. Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park: Wyoming, USA
  22. Chichicastenango: El Quiché, Guatemala
  23. Chaouen: Chefchaouen, Morocco
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2018.04.24 23:52 autobuzzfeedbot These 18 Traditional Dishes Prove That Colombia Has The Best Food

  1. Arepas
  2. Bandeja Paisa
  3. Ajiaco
  4. Aborrajados
  5. Sancocho Trifásico
  6. Obleas
  7. Changua
  8. Pandebono
  9. Caldo de Costilla
  10. Cazuela de Mariscos
  11. Tajadas de Plátano
  12. Chocolate con Queso
  13. Sancocho de Gallina
  14. Patacones / Tostones
  15. Arroz con Coco
  16. Buñuelos Colombianos
  17. Empanadas
  18. Arroz Atollado
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2018.03.19 15:00 autobuzzfeedbot 10 Crazy Easter Traditions From Around The World

  1. The cracking of the whip in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  2. Easter-ween in Finland
  3. Iguanas, Turtles, and Big Rodents are the food of choice in Colombia for Easter
  4. Red Eggs in Germany
  5. Crucifixion in the Philippines
  6. Water and traditional clothing in Hungary
  7. Butter Lambs in Russia
  8. Crime TV and novel binging in Norway
  9. An orange for a kiss in Hungerford, Britain
  10. Giant Omelettes in France
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2018.02.22 22:00 autobuzzfeedbot 15 Of The Wildest Travel Stories That'll Make You Laugh Or Cry

  1. Speakeasy & Salsa - A Night Out in Quito
  2. When Things Go Bump In The Night
  3. That Time a Hippo Attacked Me in South Africa
  4. Hitting The Wall
  5. A Girl, a Photo and an Earthquake: An Astonishing Connection Over 20+ Years
  6. Triple Breakdown Mongolia
  7. I Was Accused of Being An Islamic State Spy
  8. Stranded In Istanbul During 2016 Military Coup
  9. Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls
  10. Travelling High, Breathing Deep
  11. Hanging With Japanese Mafia Drinking Snake Juice
  12. The Time I Shat Myself In A Tibetan Monastery
  13. Put Up by a Porn Surfing Policeman
  14. Petting a Crocodile in Bangladesh
  15. Volunteering During The Ebola Crisis
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2018.02.20 03:32 AJC3RD News You May Have Missed for February 18th, 2018

newsyoumayhavemissed for February 18. To counteract the helplessness reading the news can bring on, we offer ways to take action. Global Citizen suggests ways to help the world’s poor and Sarah-Hope Parmeter of provides her detailed list of postcard possibilities to intervene in things here at home (with names and addresses of people to write, as well as background information). Links below.
Meanwhile for some grim humor, take a look at Tom Tomorrow’s cartoon this week. Thanks to TomDispatch for this and story links. Daily KOS Global Citizen What if Knits
Survivors of the Florida school shooting call for a walk-out March 24.
Young voices, survivors of the school shooting in Florida, have gained traction in the discussion around mass shootings. Survivor Emma González spoke eloquently at a rally, telling the New York Times, “This is the way I have to grieve.” She and four other survivors have called for a national demonstration March 24, as well as for politicians to stop taking contributions from the NRA. The Times also offers international comparison of guns and mass shootings, concluding that “The only variable that can explain the high rate of mass shootings in America is its astronomical number of guns.” Back in November, Scientific American identified four new laws that would cut down on the number of mass shootings: requiring permits to buy guns; banning anyone convicted of a violent crime from owning a gun; requiring anyone convicted of domestic violence to relinquish their guns; and banning anyone with two or more DUI convictions from owning guns. A day after the Florida shootings, the Oregon House of Representatives banned people convicted of domestic violence or stalking from owning guns. The shooter in Florida was apparently not connected to white-supremacist groups; Politico demonstrates how white-supremacist “sources” and 4chan users led reporters at ordinarily reliable news organizations to believe that he was, apparently as a prank. Meanwhile, the Trump administration’s plan to cut millions of dollars from programs to increase safety in schools, reduce bullying and to help traumatized students recover appears to be going forward.Politico 1, NY Times 1, Politico 2, Oregon Live, Scientific American, Politico 3, NY Times 2
Crackdown on Protests
The criminalization of protestors is increasing, as has been evident since the 2017 inauguration, around which 59 people are still awaiting trial, and Standing Rock, where 800 people were arrested and 200 including journalists, face significant fines and years in jail. Since then, February a year ago, 56 bills have been introduced to restrict the rights of protestors; some have already become law while others are still pending. A link to the fundraiser for the inauguration protestors is in the comments. Also see some of the stunning photographs of Standing Rock take by Tracie Williams (a photographer who was arrested) at the link below. The Nation [Fundrazr](
Railroad leadership resigns amid double dipping inquiry
The top administration official for Railroad Safety resigned immediately following the train collision in South Carolina which killed 2 Amtrak employees, amid inquiries from Politico and other media outlets as to whether he was concurrently working for a PR firm in Mississippi, and not working fulltime for the Federal Railroad Administration.
The Federal Railroad Administration has not had a permanent leader in over a year. It has been besieged by catastrophic railroad accidents and a string of rail-related deaths. Heath Hall has been the acting chief administrator since June, but has also appeared on TV, and in print as a spokesperson for Madison County, MS.
Senate Democrats have blocked the confirmation of the nominee for the permanent FRA administrator role, a former railroad executive, Ron Batory. He has been blocked primarily due to his stated desire to introduce “performance based regulation.” This approach to self-regulation, particularly in an era of increased safety issues and infrastructure decline, has been a significant problem. Politico, De Smog Blog
And this isn’t the only “new” personnel problem for the administration.
Scott Pruitt has more travel issues–using first class travel because of “exceptional security needs,” also known as “people (constituents?) who talk to him on flights and aren’t always complimentary.” The Washington Post reports that in June, he and his aides spent $90,000 on domestic travel, including a $36,000 military charter to catch a NY flight to Rome, and first-class seats. Over $4000 was spent in two days in July for flights to Birmingham and Atlanta, well above what others in the role have spent on flights, and all above what government travel regulations indicate. Inquiries into the travel expenditures and high end hotel costs have been explained by the administration as originating from “paranoid democrats.” Washington Post, CNN
Because of course it doesn’t stop there. Veterans and others wonder who is running the Veterans Administration
The Inspector General has released a scathing report indicating that Vivieca Wright Simpson, the chief of staff (3rd most senior official) for Veterans Affairs, doctored an email to create a pretext for the government to cover expenses for Secretary Shulkin’s wife to accompany the Secretary on a trip to Europe with him last summer, at a cost of about $4300. The report also details how Shulkin improperly accepted a gift of tickets to Wimbledon last year.
Simpson “elected to retire” as a result, though she will not face criminal prosecution, the Department of Justice said. “Although the [Inspector General’s office] cannot determine the value VA gained from the Secretary and his delegation’s three and a half days of meetings in Copenhagen and London at a cost of at least $122,334, the investigation revealed serious derelictions by VA personnel,” the report concluded. Shulkin defended his department to the House Veterans Affairs Committee with a lengthy response, to include the accusation that his deputy’s emails had been hacked by political rivals in the administration. The ranking member of the committee, Tim Waltz, D-MN, said he would work to refer criminal charges to the DOJ if the hacking could be proven. Another committee member, Rep. Mike Coffman, R-CO, broke ranks and demanded Shulkin’s immediate resignation due to the scandal. He said he believes the secretary, the only Cabinet-level holdover from President Obama’s administration, got the job only because Trump could not convince anyone else to take it.
The release, and subsequent coverage of these issues has concerned veterans groups, as conflicting messages emerge from the veterans’ advisor to the White House, including roundtables discussing long term domestic policy plans being held without input from any of the VA key advisors. A two-page policy paper was also released that directly contradicted Shulkin’s own remarks on the topic.
All of this drama swirls, and leadership remains in turmoil while the people the VA serves watch, powerlessly. Washington Post 1, Military Times, Washington Post 2, NY Times
Catch and kill
It’s not news that Trump had an(other) affair when his son Barron was a few months old, this one with Karen McDougal, a Playboy model. What’s news is that American Media, Inc., the publisher of the National Enquirer, bought McDougal’s 80 page, hand-written story—and then did not run it. Writing for The New Yorker, Ronan Farrow suggests it was part of a “catch and kill” pattern, in which tabloids buy stories specifically in order to kill them. David Pecker, CEO of A.M.I, says he is “a personal friend” of Trump’s. New Yorker
Gaza in crisis, at risk of “an explosion”
UN Officials are warning that Gaza is nearing a total financial collapse. Medical supplies are in short supply, clinics are closing, power failures are common, water is undrinkable. They expect a cholera outbreak at any time.
Israel has blockaded Gaza for over a decade hoping to contain Hamas and force the Palestinian people to oust the politically powerful group. The complexity of the power structure between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, with the myriad of creative finance both groups have developed to provide services and maintain trade with countries like Egypt, leaves the people of Gaza with little to no income, and an uncertain path out of the crisis. In Israel, concerns grow as the economic situation in Gaza could create a national security problem and possibly another war. Israel has asked donor countries to fund $1B in water and energy projects, which could stabilize the region, but that would take time the area may not have. The US government is doing its part by withholding $65M from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which supports Palestinian refugees.
Whether out of hubris or desperation, Gazans are talking about a mass action against the blockade that could lead to further escalation. Hamas is under no illusion it could win against Israeli forces in a clash, but the extreme distress makes the region ripe for new military action.
The New York Times quoted a Palestinian grandmother as saying, “We are dead, but we have breath.” NY Times
It’s worth looking at the media watchdog FAIR’s website regularly to get clarity on news coverage.
On February 18, they noted the “distortion” in the Wall Street Journal’s coverage equating Syrian and Venezuelan refugees (Venezuelans have migrated to Colombia, as well as to other countries such as the U.S.). FAIR points that Colombia itself has a large population of internally displaced people, as well as many who have fled the country to live in…Venezuela. FAIR argues that the news media is squeezing facts to fit into a Colombia=good, Venezuela=bad equation.
Proxy War echoes in Syria
Around 300 Russian fighters working for a military contractor were killed or injured in a battle with U.S. or U.S. backed troops in Syria. While Russia and the U.S. back opposite sides in Syria, they have ordinarily avoided direct confrontation. CBC
Microplastics found in a large majority of Northwest Atlantic fish
A study conducted by the National University of Ireland, Galway and published in “Frontiers of Marine Science” shows that 73% of fish sampled from the northwestern area of the Atlantic ocean contained microplastic debris in their gut. Microplastics have been found to have a toxic-like deleterious effect on ocean life, causing inflammation, lower body weight and reduced feeding among afflicted animals, effects that can be spread up and down the foodchain as they are consumed by subsequent organisms. Plastic textile fibers were found to be the most common culprit. ScienceDaily
Spike in “fake news” found on Twitter in wake of Florida school shooting.
A piece by Nicole Lee at Engadget documents various fake news stories propagated via Twitter in the wake of the tragic school shooting this past week. Twitter is facing ongoing scrutiny and criticism for its inability or unwillingness to curb seemingly professional disinformation campaigns conducted through its service. Among the highlighted hoaxes is a story made to look as if it was published by Buzzfeed by a non-existent Jewish author entitled, “Why We Need to Take Away White People's Guns Now More Than Ever.” Considering the Mueller indictments of 13 Russians involved in state-sponsored hacking and propaganda missions, some of which involved an effort to stoke racial animus within the United States, this should be taken far more seriously by social media companies such as Twitter. Engadget
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is under investigation for links to Sinclair Broadcasting.
The independent FCC inspector general has begun to conduct an investigation into links between Ajit Pai and Sinclair Broadcasting, a privately owned mass media company that is the largest owner of local television stations. A FCC decision to allow Sinclair to merge with Tribune media which owned stations in overlapping markets, something previously avoided by the FCC, netted Sinclair a huge viewing audience whom it has aggressively saturated with right-wing slanted news handed down to local stations from its corporate audience. The inspector general stated in a press release that he will "Investigate whether the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and his aides improperly pushed for rule changes to benefit Sinclair Broadcasting in the company's attempt to purchase Tribune Media. The investigation will also look into whether Pai and his aides improperly coordinated with Sinclair on those rule changes." The family that owns Sinclair is known for its large contributions to the GOP and support for President Trump. Pai was also one of the architects of the recent FCC vote against net neutrality. Arstechnica, Media Matters, Salon, TheVerge
New study sheds light on root causes of depression and the drug ketamine's ability to treat it
Published in the journal Nature, a study by a team at Zhejiang University in China announced they located where in the brain ketamine acts when it blocks the effects of depression. For many years medicine has been forced to utilize a scattershot approach to medicating the disease because the neurological causes of depression are poorly understood or unknown. New information has begun to come in showing that previously unconsidered neurological tissue called astrocytes located in a region of the brain called the lateral habenula is involved in ion exchanges that ketamine blocks, which might explain its ability to rapidly alleviate depression symptoms in many patients. The lateral habenula is involved in the processing of unpleasant outcomes and punishment.
Ketamine can also damage the bladder and can cause unpleasant dissociative effects in some users; the dissociative effects complicate randomized controlled trials of the drug (since patients know they feel dissociated), which also have been undercut by small sample sizes and short periods of follow-up. Still, research in the field is moving forward rapidly, since ketamine appears to work more quickly and with a higher level of efficacy than conventional anti-depressants. Ars Technica, Nature,
submitted by AJC3RD to newsyoumayhavemissed [link] [comments]

Women Model With Their Body Insecurities - YouTube Latinos Guess Colombian Slang - YouTube Things Colombians Know To Be True - YouTube Meeting a Colombian Family is Like... - YouTube As/Is - YouTube Dominicans Try Colombian Food - YouTube

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When you bring your gringo boyfriend to meet your very own Colombian family.. Prepare yourselves. Hint: Pablo Escobar mentions will probably not be appreciat... In honor of Colombian Independence Day we tried Bandeja Paisa for the 1st time, and all we can say is 'mmmmmmmm!' Credits: As/Is Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, style, body positivity, women’s experiences and lifestyle, and to join a community of incred... If you didn't know by now, surprise! Every Spanish speaking country has it's own slang. We put some of our friends to the test, miti miti? Cuchibarbi? Wtf, d... Queso con chocolate, Carlos Vives, and soccer is pretty much LIFE. Credits: GET MORE BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfee... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Cuba, Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Mexico, all different dialects, but which accent will reign sexiest? GET MORE BUZZFEED: http... 'I think our bodies are worth loving and celebrating.' Hair and Makeup: Rebecca Lee Castro Photography: Paola Trus...